Friday, 25 November 2016

When Physics and Chemistry meets Food

Located in the hustling and bustling location of Park Street, SpiceKlub is a welcome change from our classic Indian dishes. After establishing a name in Mumbai SpiceKlub wanted Kolkata to experience The Modern Indian Cuisine with a molecular twist. With more than 100 items in its menu SpiceKlub whips a scrumptious range of delicacies from different parts of the country. Introducing all the foodies to a stunning range of molecular cuisine is a style which embraces sensory and food science borrowing tools from the science lab and ingredients from the food industry. Street foods, mocktails and Indian sweets are served and plated like a piece of art, which is carefully worked upon by the chefs.

Although Molecular Gastronomy has found its ways to Kolkata but “Molecular Gastronomy” has not got justice. SpiceKlub offers arguably one of the most creative styles of cooking. The place serves North Indian food with a twist to it. The everyday recipes and the street food renditions are presented in a completely distinctive style making it look all the more attractive. The menu includes reinvention of old-school dishes like Pav Bhaji, Chaat, Dhokla, Vada Pav etc that will blow your mind. Be it the Bombay Pav Bhaji Fondue, the Gujarati Deconstructed Dhokla, the Delhi Papdi Chaat or the Nothern Chole Kulcha, each creation is a masterpiece created to delight your taste buds. Not to miss out on the sinful desserts that come in never seen before avatars – Gulab Jamun Tart – All the goodness of your Gulab Jamun baked to perfection in a tart, Bubbling Kulfi - served in an open mouth jar with a dry ice bottom along with the number of toppings such as blueberry, chocolate and caramel and Chocolate Soap Bar – Your favourite chocolate ganache to name a few! The dishes are presented in an extra-ordinary fashion that involves test-tubes, syringes, beakers, dry ice and several other unusual vessels and elements.

With this unique take on a confluence of traditional favourites SpiceKlub has made its mark in Mumbai and it has now set its foot in Kolkata – the foodie’s haven, to serve quality modern Indian cuisine. Manjari Basotia brings SpiceKlub to the City of Joy. “Kolkata loves food and we wanted to get the best in molecular gastronomy for them and who better than SpiceKlub. There is a huge vegetarian population in the city and SpiceKlub sees it as a big opportunity,” said Manjari Basotia, Kolkata franchise owner, SpiceKlub.

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