Thursday, 30 June 2016

Stop Over at Mumbai Local in Calcutta

Stop Over at Mumbai Local in Calcutta

At our office we have this pact of trying out a new eating joint every month. So today we thought of trying out a new place that's just two days old and actually quite near to office called Mumbai Local. As soon as we left the office, it started drizzling and soon it turned to heavy rain. But ek baar jo humne commitment kar di toh hum baarish ki bhi nahi sunte. The weather seemed to be influenced by the name of the place,  reminded me of the crazy Mumbai rains. All three of us wanted to try out this place because of its name, as we kind of love the Maximum City.

We were greeted by the manager and few smiling attendants. Smiling staff is half the battle won - not always but we appreciate their effort to make us feel comfortable. What caught our attention was the really thought after interiors. Har khopche mein Bombay se judi kuch baat hai. The whole place is quite interestingly done up. The walls have tried to capture the essence of Bombay with Marine Drive to Bollywood everything illustrated on its walls. Their hanging fire hydrant lights gives it an interesting look and feel.

When you talk of Mumbai, how can you stay away from Bollywood. You have all your favourite Bhais sitting on  tetrapod shaped rocks. There is Amitabh Bachchan from Sarkar, Sanjay Dutt from Vaastav, Ajay Devgn from Once Upon A Time and Salman Khan, the eternal bhai.

We couldn't even sing Imtihaan ho gyi intezaar ki while were waiting for the food as soon we were served Kala Khatta, Strawberry and Mint popsicles. We simply loved it!!

While browsing through the menu we wanted to stick to the wait they were the Faadu items, as the main course did not sound too interesting with Naan and Dal Makhani on board. So we got ourselves Taka-Tak Aloo, which was yumm and as the name suggests taka-tak spicy.
Main toh raste se jaa raha tha...main toh bhelpuri khaa raha tha. 
You'll miss a major part of Mumbai if you don't have Bhel at Chowpatty, so how could we. So we got Molecular Bhel that had chilled Bhel served with Molecular Mint Chutney. Next we girls went deewani over Bhaaji Pao Mastaani. Interesting, isn't it.
Mamaji's Grill and Pizza in Tardeo one of the must haves for the food lovers. And that's what made us order the double layered Mumbaiya special Mamaji's Grill Sandwich, which was topped with dry sev and served with potato wafers. Quite a mouthful I must say. But the list doesn't end here. Next up was Mushroom fried with salt and pepper...nom nom.
There's something for everyone here. How can the dosa lovers forget the dosas opposite MithiBai college. The Maggi and the dosa lovers inside us got tempted and could not resist ourselves from ordering the 2-minute Dosa. Maggi Love Zindabad!! But the Maggi Dosa was a bit of disappointment as I thought a lot could have been done with it to make it more appetizing and interesting. But I think they wanted to stick to the authentic taste of Maggi. After having so much of food, we had no place to try out the dessert but then what came as a surprise was Cotton Candy in Paan flavour and the kid in us was oh! so happy!!
A Raapchik place to visit and must try out their Faadu items. 

Oh! Yes. After stuffing ourselves with so much of food Vaat toh lagni he thi...

स्थळ: Mumbai Local
हे कुठे आहे: 19 Ballygunge Park Road
वेळ: 12:30pm - 23:30pm


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